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ZD75 Venice series heavy-duty broken bridge aluminum folding door

  • Product ID: ZD75 Series of Venic
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  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China, and guangdong
  • The mode of transportation: International logistics
  • Size: provide custom size
  • Data update time: 2020-02-14
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Luxurious and elegant style of Venice, where the grand appearance after years of sharpening can, pure and fresh and simple but elegant passes between thick of luxury gas

ZD75 Venice series heavy-duty broken bridge aluminum alloy folding door

Cross section width: 75 mm
Open means: folding
Track: high orbit and orbit
Hardware: KSBG (silver, bright gold)
Profile: the broken bridge aluminum structure

Innovative folding system / / / push-pull doors 100% open freely, effectively save the footprint of the door
Environmentally friendly fluorocarbon powder coating process/luxury honourable sandblasting texture/gorgeous and beautiful
High iron grade EPDM strip three-tier folding door seal design/effectively increased air tightness, water tightness


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